Sunday, 22 March 2015

In a globalized world, where is "home"?

Click HERE to watch the TED talk!

Extracts of the talk by Pico lyer:

“… The number of people living in countries not their own now comes to 220 million (…)  And the number of us who live outside the old nation-state categories is increasing so quickly, by 64 million just in the last 12 years, that soon there will be more of us than there are Americans. Already, we represent the fifth-largest “nation” on Earth. (…) in Canada's largest city, Toronto, the average resident today is what used to be called a foreigner, somebody born in a very different country (…) Many of the people living in countries not their own are refugees who never wanted to leave home and ache to go back home. But for the fortunate among us, I think the age of movement brings exhilarating new possibilities (…) And home, we know, is not just the place where you happen to be born. It's the place where you become yourself.”

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