The course on "The attempt to unify Europe politically since the 1948 Hague Congress" consists of 15 hours of class + work at home.

First, at home, you read (and take notes on) the relevant blog post(s) BEFORE a class. Click on the titles below: 

    1. The attempt to unify Europe politically since the 1948 Hague Congress: INTRODUCTION
    2. European integration: KEY CONCEPTS & European integration: KEY DATES
    3. 19 September 1946: Winston Churchill gives his "United States of Europe" speech in Zurich
    4. 16 April 1948: Organisation for European Economic Co-operation set up
    5. 7-11 May 1948: Congress of Europe, The Hague
    6. 5 May 1949: Council of Europe (Treaty of London)
    7. 9 May 1950: Schuman Declaration
    8. 18 April 1951: European Coal and Steel Community (Treaty of Paris)
    9. 27 May 1952: a Treaty for a European Defence Community was signed...
    10. 25 March 1957: Treaties of Rome
    11. 1958-1969: De Gaulle slows down European integration...
    12. 1969-1973: renewed hope for European integration and enlargement
    13. Why was the United Kingdom not a member of the European Communities until 1973?
    14. The European project 1973 to 1979
    15. The European project in the 1980s
    16. The European project in the 1990s
    17. The European project in the years 2000
    18. Thatcher and Europe
    19. John Major and Europe
    20. Tony Blair and Europe
    Second, in class, you listen to a lecture and take notes (the teacher will summarise and comment the information from a blog post).

    Third, you revise the course contents, ready for the Bac exam!

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