US soldiers parading at home in 1917...

The course "The USA and the world since President Wilson's 14 points (1918)" makes use of the following textbook: Terminale, Classes Européennes, History Geography, Hatier

> For the Cold War period, cf. chapter 02, pages 20 to 22
> For the post-Cold War period, cf. chapter 04, pages 44 to 55

The course consists of 13 hours of class + work at home.

Firstat home, you read (and take notes on) the relevant blog post BEFORE a class. Click on the titles below: 
  1. The USA and the world, now and tomorrow...
  2. Key dates ; Key people ; Key concepts
  3. An overview of the relations of the USA with the world since 1918
  4. 1918-1945
  5. The Cold War 1947-1991 (overview)
  6. 1945-1950
  7. 1950s-early 1960s
  8. 1960s-1970s
  9. The American model
  10. 1977-1991
  11. 1991-2001
  12. 2001-2009
  13. 2009-2016
Second, in class, you listen to a lecture and take notes (the teacher will summarise and comment the information from a blog post, then help you understand and analyse the documents from your Hatier textbook).

Third, you revise the course contents, ready for the Bac exam!

Cartoon dated 2017...

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