Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The USA and the world since 1918: KEY DATES

06/04/1917: USA enters WW1
> How many US soldiers took part in WW1?
> Why was the first US Infantry Division "superior to all others"?

07/12/1941: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour
> How much of the US fleet was destroyed at Pearl Harbor?
> How far is Japan from Hawaï?

06/08/1945: Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima
> Why was a second A-bomb dropped on Japan according to Truman?
> What does "break the deadlock" mean?

24/10/1945: Ratification of the United Nations Charter
> What is the purpose of the UN?

04/04/1949: NATO set up
> What is NATO?

1950-1953: Korean War
> What was/is the 38th parallel?

1955-1975: Vietnam War
> When was the photo of the "burning monk" taken and what was its impact?

1962: Cuban missile crisis
> Who were the two principal leaders in Cuba in 1961?

> Who assasinated the president?

> What was the "Reagan Doctrine"?

> When and why was the Wall built?

1990-1991: Gulf War
> Who are the two people in the photo above?
> Which country did Iraq invade?

26/12/1991: Dissolution of the USSR
> What role did Korbatchev play in the demise of the Soviet Union?
> Who was the President of Russia at the time?

11/09/2001: Attack on World Trade Center
> Why did terrorists attack the USA?

> When was Bin Laden killed?

2003-2011: Iraq War
> What are WMDs?
> Who did the second Gulf War topple?
> Why did Obama send war planes to Iraq?

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