Friday, 25 October 2013

The 1%

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  1. I found this talk by Chrystia Freeland very interesting and complete. I totally agree with her on the fact that power shouldn't be based only on the economic power. That will reinforce the gap between the poor and the rich. According to me, the power should be more based on culture, political influence, military power, the research of innovation in order to give more place to the poorest. I find advantages and disadvantages on capitalism and also in socialism. Both political parties should cohabit for maintaining equality between poor and rich. The rise of super-rich wouldn't be a problem if there were less poor but today the growth of super-rich is a real problem because I find blameable that footballers earn millons of dollars by running after a ball while poor people work hard in appalling conditions for only earning a few dollars. The project of Freeland seems to be a good idea for me.