Friday, 10 May 2013

Social-spatial segregation of New York City

Map of Manhattan showing the neighborhoods

Questions/to do (working in pairs, aim to do this in 2 two-hour sessions!):
  1. What does "ethnicity" mean, and what do "race" and "ethnicity" mean in the context of the USA?
  2. Describe briefly the important events and notable places associated with the five "boroughs" of NYC.
  3. What is a "neighborhood" (are neighborhoods only found in NYC)?
  4. Research a neighborhood of NYC (cf. map above for Manhattan) and (in your own words!) describe it: extent, type of housing, public buildings and facilities (including those used for religious activities), history, identity, demography, activities, dominant ethnic group, social relations, etc.
  5. How important a factor is religion in defining the ethnicity of the dominant group in the neighborhood you have described do you think?
  6. Make two lists which compare and contrast the NYC neighborhood you have described and the area you live in!
  7. Choose a film set in NYC and describe how neighborhood relations are depicted.
  8. What are the most important places in NYC as regards religion?
  9. Think about the implications of 9/11 on religiosity in the USA and on relations between communities in NYC, then send a comment to one of the following blog posts: How do New Yorkers commemorate 9/11?Controversy over the building of a mosque near Ground ZeroDid 9/11 change the way New Yorkers consider their cultural heritage? 
  10. Comment the THE NEW YORKER cover below:

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