Saturday, 23 February 2013

MCT on GLOBALIZATION (all questions are based on the posts on globalization on this blog)

1) Nearly half the clothes worn in the USA today:
A are made in China.
B are made in the USA.
C are inspired by the Ralph Lauren-designed Olympic uniforms or by the Dayang clothes worn by Bush, Buffet and other billionaires.
D are today designed in China and made in the USA.

2) Christians in China:
A have increased greatly in number (there are more churchgoers in China than in the whole of Latin America).
B all but disappeared during the Cultural Revolution.
C have increased because of the Communist Party of China’s promotion of atheism in schools.
D are decreasing in numbers because of disputes between officially approved churches and house churches.

3) Indigenous peoples:
A are being adversely affected by globalization (tourism, bioprospecting, loss of land, forced displacement).
B are being compensated for loss of land, etc., by the IMF, World Bank and WTO.
C are turning to the parallel economy (Fairtrade, etc.).
D are being manipulated by the International Forum on Globalization.

4) Detroit is:
A in Washington State.
B in total ruins.
C gaining population.
D Motown.

5) Who, in September 2012, said the USA “is back”?
A Obama.
B Bin Laden.
C China.
D Romney.

6) “Soft power” means:
A becoming a world culture, thus avoiding cultural clash.
B making reasoned use of drones.
C Starbucks, Mc Donald’s, Disney, etc.
D encouraging democratic initiatives at grass roots level.

7) How has globalization affected ordinary Chinese?
A they are able to buy lots of extra goods (though they lack space in their homes).
B in rural areas, not so much their way of thinking but their incomes.
C many people have been evicted from their homes and left only with their personal belongings.
D it has made some of them less poor.

8) The WTO:
A was initiated in 2001 at Doha Rounds.
B is in a major backlash following the BRICKS dreadlock.
C is where the G7 decide what trade restrictions should be amended or imposed on the BRICKS.
D is where the oligopoly is being challenged more and more by the BRICKS.

9) IKEA:
A airbrushes out women from its catalogues in order to sell more furniture to male clients
B are outspoken champions of women’s rights
C is a typical liberal company, like Starbucks
D is the world’s largest furniture company retailer (and also founded by a Nazi sympathizer)

10) Globalization, according to a journalist at the Globalist Web site:
A does not help 50% of the world’s poorest
B will work, but only through effective governance
C depends on aid effectiveness for the poorest
D needs more deregulation

ANSWERS: 1A 2C 3A 4D 5A 6C 7D 8D 9D 10B

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