Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The end of an Empire? By Agathe & Alice

Mark Urban’s article Is the US on the decline or simply in an economic slump? was published on the BBC News website in September 2012 (click on the link above to read the article and watch the video).

There are a lot of articles about the subject of the US’s decline and it was one of the topics during a debate between the two presidential candidates. For Obama, “the USA is back”; conversely, Romney thinks his country is in decline. According to a poll, 60% to 70% of American citizens think their country is in fact in decline.

Mark Urban evokes different aspects of the US’s decline, beginning with the military aspect. The USA still has today a powerful army present everywhere in the world. Obama’s point of view is that the Government has to focus on the country itself (economy, education, health, unemployment, etc.) and spend less on arms. Obviously, his competitor Romney is against this idea: he accuses Obama of being the cause of the decline of the USA’s power in the world.

Then, the journalist deals with the USA’s cultural influence through Hollywood, Google, Apple, etc. With the new BRICSAM powers getting stronger on the global scene, the USA seems to be losing that influence on the world.

Both candidates have been sparring over trade relations with China; Obama suggests new tariffs on Chinese car imports.

The article ends with a comparison between the USA and Britain. Apparently, the US “Empire” is condemned to disappear, just as the British Empire did…

To our mind, the USA is a country that must change as every other country has done. The world is changing and so do the world’s countries. Historically, every great power disappeared progressively. This is the path that the USA has to follow. The decline of the USA is inevitable, however difficult it is for Americans to accept. Even if the USA is in decline, it is still for the while the most powerful country in the world. Moreover, it will stay one of the most important countries during an indeterminate period.

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  1. This is a relevant article on such an interesting BBC post, we can see that most of Americans thinks like Romney although today Obama is again president...
    It shows that the "defeatist spirit" of Romney isn't reassuring whereas Obama who represents the whole American people with is fighting and inventive spirit is more attractive. His personnality revives American's will, hopefully, for another four years ...