Thursday, 13 December 2012

America's soft power. By Agathe and Alice

This is a cartoon drawn by Cox and Forkum in 2003 and published on their website. It deals with the culture clash between the USA and France.

In the cartoon there are two men who are the stereotypes of a Frenchman and an American.

On the left, The American is wearing a cowboy costume just like in a Western movie; he has a gun and his ready to shoot. He is spluttering in the Frenchman’s face, irritated by the other man’s apparent indifference. He is yelling "feet!" louder and louder.

The French guy is wearing a blue sailor-striped tee shirt which is apparently too small for him. Moreover, he seems to have a protuberant stomach as he obviously drinks too much wine (he is holding an empty glass of wine) and eats too much good food. He is smoking a cigarette and seems very self-assured.

The USA and France want to impose their culture on others. But, even if there are some differences, we share the same values, and a common "Western" culture. Seen from a wider perspective, our cultures are in fact quite similar and France and the USA are both culturally important in the world.

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