Thursday, 9 August 2012



  1. First of all , I'm really impressed by this picture. I find this very unusual to see an american city in a state of ruins, especially since the USA are one of the most economically powerful country in the world. It prooves that the growth is not infinite, and thus we can wonder whether one day the USA will decline until it needs help from other countries such as some European countries nowadays. It also shows that our economic system has disadvantages and is not perfect.
    Thus I think that one day we will have to find a new way to develop, one day the capitalism will no longer be the solution.

    This bring me to another question : have we reach the apogee of the capitalist system ? Are our cities going to decline and become ruins such as in Detroit ? Indeed, these pictures are quite frightening for us, especially since we are in crisis and we only hear bad news on the TV or in the newspaper.

    Finally, I wondered where the pictures have exactly been taken, because when we look at Wikipedia's article's pictures, we only see a big city which seems to have no problem, to continue to grow such as other globalized cities (like New-York, London, Paris...). Thus there is a big contrast between Wikipedia's pictures and the other ones.

    François Bauduin.

  2. I do agree with what François says, but I am a little less alarmist. I would just like to comment his last point. How can there be such a contrast between the Wikipedia photos and the other ones? In Wikipedia we see a powerful city and in the other pictures, a ruined city. Today, with Internet, we receive a huge quantity of information which is not "filtered", i.e. impartial or contextualized. Here, each source underlines a reality but not the whole reality. We need to be careful how we interpret all this information...

    Thibaud Berard