Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Globalization... Who needs it?


  1. All countries need globalization, to enrich themselves, to develop. The problem is rather in the way in which globalization occurs. The rules are the same for everyone though all the states are not equal. How can Zimbabwe for example compete with the USA? Globalization is unfair. People should be less selfish and think of others. If our customers and buyers are well-off, so are we. We cannot act like China and allow exports but limit imports. We must change, we must think that we are a big family and problems will disappear...

    Thibaud Berard

  2. At the beginning, globalization started for eradicating poverty in the world and developping emerging countries. The aim was to become interdependent in order to profit from the ressources, the services and population of each country. But actually, even if the BRICS started to emerge, there still subsist countries like Africa which are in margin of globalization, so they don't benefit from it. The poorest become more poor and the wealthiest become more wealthy. The global oligopoly still dominate the world by its economical power, political power and cultural power like for the United States, Europe and Japan. We should more put in light all the benefits of each one of us, we should live in harmony and so by a system of complementarity.