Saturday, 28 July 2012

Chinese maker of U.S. Olympic uniforms baffled by backlash

Read the Los Angeles Times article!

Bénédicte ROCHE writes:

What are the consequences of outsourcing?

It’s a well-known fact it makes people lose their jobs in the countries the enterprises have left behind. Offshoring only benefits the shareholders... It should also be advantageous for the customers, giving them cheaper goods, but it is not; the cost of goods and services does not go down.

Offshoring of course gives Asian countries the chance to develop and improve people’s lives, which can’t be considered as a bad thing; everybody has the right to work, surely? Nonetheless, for a company to aim at bigger profits when it does not need the extra money is unhealthy for the economy at large…

Also, outsourcing shouldn’t be used as a means to make profits when labor is underpaid in poor countries and working conditions squalid.

I think in this particular case, it undermines the USA’s credibility; are they not able to make their own uniforms? Where is their national pride?!


  1. This article shows us how industries work nowadays. The big industries go abroad, in Asia for most of them, to find cheaper labour and materials in order to lower the cost of production and so make bigger profits.
    This is great for Asian people. Li is a good example; she took the opportunity to start her business, even though she had nothing to start with, and she's now working with the most famous brands and with powerful people.
    Asians are getting richer by producing cheap goods but Americans are losing jobs and unemployment increases every year.
    I think that outsourcing industries is not a solution to deal with the crisis that the world is going through today.
    To resolve the problem of unemployement that exists in the USA and in so many other countries, I think that countries should make their own products with industries localised in their countries, with the intention of providing jobs and to be more competitive on the world market.
    As regards the Olympic Games, all the uniforms should have been made by the countries they represented!
    Richard Léa

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